The Sweet Memory about a Pair of Rimless Glasses

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I broke up with my boyfriend one month ago. I was very sad these days because I was happy with him those days. But I could not tolerate his bad habits and we decided to get apart. At first, I thought to forget someone was too difficult for me and I might need a long time to adjust the present life. But later I found that it was not a bad thing to experience the sad moments because it could make me become mature. Everyday when I put on my rimless glasses, I would naturally think about him and the interesting shopping experience. My glasses were bought by him when we were in love. I treasured it very much and protected it with great care. However, when I adapted to wearing the glasses daily, our love disappeared. And this medical tool became a reminder of old days full of happiness. That’s enough. At that time, my boyfriend knew that I was planning to buy a new pair of glasses but had no time to go window-shopping. So before my birthday, he began to seek for solutions. I did not know his plan until he showed me the site of an online glasses store. He wanted to present a big surprise to me but he still needed to make sure whether his choice was right from my perspective of view.

Just in this way, he asked me to have a look at the page site. It was a big surprise to me, in fact. I had never thought he would spend time searching the Internet for a good shopping place so patiently. He told me a lot of information about the store, from which I could tell he was extremely careful to carry out this plan. I was moved and expressed my love by kissing him on the face. He showed the picture of that pair of rimless glasses to me and asked whether I liked it or not. I did focus on the outlook of glasses but I still wanted to make sure whether it was suitable to me.

On the site of , I made inquiry with the service personnel by describing my requirements in details. Luckily, they told me that I made a good choice. Then he completed the purchase process and the final order on the rimless glasses was thus placed successfully. It was a sweet memory and I would remember it forever.